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Humanity is overrated.

This article will show you how to enable self-signed server/client side certification with EMQX by openssl and provide client sample code in python.

In Part 1, I illustrate how to setup a basic runner that will run ci/cd job. In part 2, I will go over the gitlab-ci.yml settings with some examples to give a better understanding of how to setup own own jobs pipeline.

List the steps of setting up zsh on my Mac.

Recently I begin to learn GraphQL and try to use it in my side-project with flask and mongo, and there are some tutorials to show how to build it, but most of them are built from scratch (ex: [flask-graphql-example] (https://github.com/msoedov/flask-graphql-example)), or out of date, so I decide to start it my own: Graphene-Mongo.

As a developer, I have admired those who code fast and easily with the vim – syntax highlight, auto-completion, split/switch tabs, jump to the searched keyword/files … etc – and everything only with keyboard. It’s really cool and impressive.

我們已經走過一次 python 所有的 objects 了,這篇將做一個總結。

Part 2 我們提到了 type、class、object 這三者之間的關係,也提到了 type 和 non-type 之間的差別。在這篇文章中,將會提到更多的 built-in types 和自定義的 class。

Part 1 的文章中,我們先討論到一個 object 到底包含了哪些東西,而接下來我們要討論 object 之間的關係。

主要是翻譯 Python Types and Objects,一些名詞個人傾向保留原文。

In the Part 1, we have the big picture of the GitLab CI, and this is will guide you in setting gitlab runner to excute the pipeline jobs.